Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Roaming Around Godington

As soon as we arrived at our allotted parking space for the day made easy by the suggested parking icon on the gps, eldest had decided she’d had enough of being cooped up in her car seat and was keen to get out and explore. She headed straight for the biggest puddle where she jumped in and out with excitement. We've been considering getting her little willies but I'm not sure they’d do a size 4G.

A bridge over a stretch of water at the start of our adventure

While she was occupied by this activity we got her little sister ready in her snow suit, put on our walking shoes and coats. As we were getting ready a cyclist spotted us and asked us where we intended ongoing, would we be sticking to the footpaths and did we know we couldn't go down that road. Having done several  geocaching series I was confident that the gps wasn't going to lead us astray and the caches are placed along the footpaths so she had nothing to worry about.

Old Disused Railway Line

It wasn't long before the first geocache was in our hands and signed. The others were all about 175 metres apart and made a figure of eight. We decided to do the biggest and closest group of caches on the series that day and return to the area in the future to do the rest. All the geocaches were easy to find and we loved seeing the imagination that had gone into creating many of them. If you are looking for a series that has minimal Tupperware and film canisters then this is a great one to do. The footpaths were really well marked and the ground even under foot throughout making it easy to navigate. There was only one field that we felt like we struggled a bit and that was due to the sticky mud. There were also a number of easy to navigate bridges. One that overlooked a disused railway and several that went over little streams.

Eldest stood on one of many bridges along the way

Towards the end of the series we spied baby peering at her big sister and giggling at her. Perhaps she was saying hehe I'm getting carried and you're not. 

Siblings and Mummy

After a snack we decided to swap over who looked after which girl. My stomach was relieved to have a rest from carrying baby. I had my second c-section 8 months ago. I took to walking with the eldest and was really proud of her. When we got to the top of the hill she pointed out this wind mill which she was fascinated by.

Eldest stood at a gate fascinated by the wind mill

 Oh and of course we had to stop to post an imaginary letter. 

Eldest posting an imaginary letter

Where have you been recently?

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Monday, 20 February 2017

What Books Did Eldest Get For Her Birthday?

As I struggled to get to sleep when I was little I used to read myself books to fall fast asleep and when I wasn't reading books myself my parents would read stories to me.  One of my favourite memories of being read a story was when a family friend came to stay and she made up a story about pirates which I loved so much that I wanted to write it down. Of course reading stories at a young age instilled a love of books in me that I hope to pass on to my girls. I've mentioned before how the girls have a bookcase in their bedroom full of books so there’s always something to read at bedtime and with eldest’s birthday earlier this month of course we added even more books to our growing collection.

Miffy's Birthday and The Storm Whale Books

One of which was sent by my sister in Utrecht.  Entitled The Storm Whale by Benji Davies the book tells the tale of a young boy who discovers a whale washed up on the beach and his attempts to look after it like a pet before he’s persuaded to return the whale to its rightful habitat. Its short sentences makes it perfect for early readers and the pictures featuring Noi, his father and the whale seemed to be very atmospheric I felt. I also thought there was an underlying message that it’s no fun being lonely was thought provoking.

Eldest Looking Through the Pages of a Book

The Storm Whale was a lovely book to receive for eldest’s birthday but of course one book is never enough right? So I also read eldest a book in keeping with her birthday called Miffy’s Birthday. We hope to one day visit the Miffy museum where my sister lives. Sadly just before the weekend we learnt of the author’s (Dick Bruna) death may he rest in peace.

Which children’s books have you been reading lately?

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Friday, 17 February 2017

Going With the Flow #LittleLoves

Despite it being half term throughout the country for many we haven’t felt the difference here as our children are under three years old. That being said I've been taking it easy this week and haven’t pushed myself to get things done. I have been going with the flow and have not been forcing myself to do things that don’t come naturally. 

Jo's Blog Post

I join in with a lot of linkys and one of the blog posts that resonated with me this week was 'Challenging The Perception of Pretty' by Jo who blogs at Mother of Teenagers. 

Countryfile Winter Diaries

I have also been catching snippets of the Countryfile Winter Diaries while sorting out the girls’ breakfasts relaxed in the knowledge that I can always revisit the series if I desire to. 

Another little love in this house is of course ‘Tommy’ which always goes down with the eldest who is addicted. Hubby keeps complaining about how short the screenings are and he’s not keen on the new versions. I've felt compelled to pointing out they weren't meant for him. 

Baby's Red Dress

Of course Tuesday saw Valentine’s Day and despite the fact we weren't going to celebrate it hubby bought me some gorgeous flowers. I dressed the girls up in little red dresses and this was the one baby wore. I wish they made it in adult size. 
Eldest decorating a window

After making a mess around the house with permanent ink I channelled the eldest’s artistic endeavours into decorating one of the downstairs windows. You can read more about her home improvements here.

Sadly after announcing that I was part of the Mills & Boons Insiders panel I have to revoke my membership as I don’t do e-books! Call me traditional and outside the times but I've never read an e-book. I love holding books in my hands, flicking through the pages with my fingers and delighting in inspiring illustrations.

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Wednesday, 15 February 2017

How to Channel Your Little Artist's Creative Efforts

I think this creative bug may be catching! I caught the eldest with a permanent marker pen in her hand the other day and at first I thought she’d just scribbled on the rug. No problem I thought, the rug was second hand anyway and could do with renewing so I took the pen off her and explained what had happened to hubby when he got home. Little did I realise that that was not the only thing she had scribbled on!

Introducing My Little Artist

Later that day as I was tidying up the rooms my eyes caught sight of the bed cover. I like to keep a pot of pens next to my bed so I can write things out that are on my mind, but I hadn't realised one of those was a permanent marker! I shall think twice about having a stash of pens there now. For my little artist had decided that colouring in the bed sheet was also a great idea! Yes move over Tacey Emin there’s a toddler in my house that doesn't make her bed and creates mess! As you can imagine I wasn't amused that she’d made a masterpiece of our sheet some of which has gone through to the mattress too! So I've decided that renewing the bed sheets is now on the list of things to do too.

My Little Artist at Work

So downstairs I gave her the ChalkOla pens we were sent a while back to review. I showed her what to do and she unleashed her creative efforts on one of the windows. We talked through the colours and had so much fun messing about with them together. Just before Daddy got back we wrote a little message on the window saying that we loved him which went down well. The masterpiece here can be easily washed off too.

Have you got a little artist in your house?

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Monday, 13 February 2017

In Celebration of the Female Body

We had just finished rhyme time when the leader of the toddler group piped up that she was teaching gym classes down at the local school. Should any of us mums like to join her she’d be very happy to see us.

My Female Body

Now I don’t have a problem with exercise – well I don’t do enough of it so perhaps I do - but what I was bothered by was the ideology of the perfect body being propelled once again into people’s minds. As soon as we've given birth or as soon as possible following c-section many of us are being told we should be aiming to pop back into shape with a toned tum. We've just given birth for goodness sake should we not be celebrating that fact rather than pretending it never happened?!

Yes I know the celebrities would have us believe that we can spring back into shape following the birth of our baby. They ditch the excess weight and shape up with a good trainer but we aren't all celebrities are we?! What if we can’t afford these extortionately priced gym classes or personal trainers or we are just not gym bunnies at heart what then? We are all shapes and sizes and abilities for that matter and should be celebrating how fortunate we are that our bodies have allowed us to house our babies.

Health and particularly mental health should be our first and foremost concern. Are those that appear to shape up instantly after the birth of their baby truly happy or are they looking to aim for a perfect shape that’s non-existent?! Should there not be more emphasis on loving the skin we are in, being healthy and being thankful for being able to carry a baby in our body.

What are your thoughts regarding the search for the perfect body shape do you think it exists? Do you think we should celebrate the body we are in? I would love to hear from you in the comments below.   

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