Friday, 26 August 2016

Word of the Week: Heat

This week there seems to be no escaping the word ‘heat’! It creeps in through the blinds filling the rooms and making me feel like a hot sticky mess.

At night the duvet is replaced with a sheet only to then keep switching between the two never settled on which one is preferable. Whereas the day has seen us seek shade in the playground so we don’t burn.  

Then there’s the food and drink. Who wants to eat big dinners in this weather? Not me – I've been asking for light dinners and reminiscing of holidays on the Balearic islands where my family ate picnic lunches.

The girls have also been wearing their dresses and I've removed all the tights from the cupboard for now. 
The eldest is in that in between clothes age stage so may not go back into them either. While the youngest is unable to sweat so we’re trying to keep her in lovely cool fabrics.

Finally, cold showers are so refreshing in this weather and as I've mentioned before a play park for the eldest would be a great place for her to retreat. If only we had the use of the car during the day

How has your week been? 

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

When Exhaustion StrikesI

In the very capable arms of Daddy

Dear Girls

I'm sorry I sometimes have to tear myself away from you both and go to bed earlier than you.  I know how much you want to be with me as I hear tapping on the door or if it’s open you rush in and jump into bed to be by my side.

There are times when things just become too much for your mummy. So much so that I am feeling so dizzy with exhaustion and feel I can no longer give of myself. That was me last night before dinner and the reason for me leaving part way through #tribalchat sorry fellow bloggers.

Did I feel guilty that I went to bed before everyone else? – yes. Did I need to take time for myself and have much needed rest – most definitely. Today I feel I can once again give you my all and be there for you. So no matter what buttons you press and whatever you choose to do I’ll be there for you.

With all my love


Monday, 22 August 2016

The Siblings Project {August}

When my daughter started to walk it soon became clear that it was not just a case of feeding her, encouraging sleep and keeping her warm and dry so she’d survive. Oh no now they can get into everything given half a chance and they've no idea that they could injure themselves!

We've had to take off the cooker knobs as she can switch on the oven otherwise! The washing machine also features buttons that little fingers find irresistible to press! Doors to cupboards have had to have the locks on and we are even considering one for the fridge now!

She loves her food and will run into the kitchen and throw open the fridge door. Yoghurts, cheese, and fruit are all firm favourites with our eldest. If a spoon is required she’ll then go to the cutlery drawer and demand a spoon. She drinks tap water and cow’s milk, but dregs of tea, orange and peach flavoured water as well as her sister’s bottle are all in her sights given half a chance!

She understands far more than she can say and therefore can follow simple commands if she wishes to. From giving things to her Dad or Mum, getting a nappy for her or her sister, putting things in the bin or searching for the potty she really is getting rather independent. Of course with all this learning comes the odd nap or two and she’ll sleep on her toddler bed unless she rolls off it. Fortunately there’s not far to fall.

Of course she also likes to entertain her sister and offers up kisses freely. She’s even tried to pick her up once or twice and will help me slide the Moses basket stand in to place in the morning.

The youngest member of the family will then sleep in the living room during the day so she can pick up the difference between night and day. When awake she’ll drink between 30-150 ml every three and get angry at having trapped wind.  All this sleeping and eating of course has led to plenty of growing so we've not needed the tiny baby clothes as much this time round.

What are your top tips for parenting siblings?
The Me and Mine Project

Friday, 19 August 2016

Word of the Week: Focus


This week we've been on two (geocaching) walks one around Ashbury and the other closer to home. Sadly despite taking the camera with us I didn't take a picture of the lock which as luck may have it was letting through a boat. Growing up with the likes of Rosie and Jim I can imagine photos of the lock in use would have been lovely. Anyway there’ll be another time I'm sure and perhaps the girls will be more captivated by it next time.

At that precise moment I was rather worried about finding shade for the little ones as the area didn't provide much shelter from the sun. The weather has since changed and resorted back to being rather autumnal again. I like it for its cooler and far less stifling but if the rain could focus just on the plants that would be perfect.  


Once we had returned from our walk on Wednesday hubby focused on cutting back the garden. I'm a little worried that he’s lopped so much off a bush at the back and envision that it won’t grow back again but hubby reassured me it will.

Meanwhile I focused on getting rid of clutter from the hallway. Having boxed things up over the weeks ready to take to the charity shop I finally got rid of it all. The hallway has always been something I have hated and hope to one day change. I've put together a whole Pinterest board on how I would like the place to look. For now though we can breathe a little easier and don’t have hurdles to navigate on entering/exiting the house. We may even have to have the front dug up as we've been without a phone line for a few weeks and that’s where it runs. If this is the case we may as well go for changing the entrance in its entirety right?


Finally, I've been continuing to focus on different parts of social media and learn all about them. I find I'm at my best learning and getting things done when I have created a list to check things off.  One of the things I’d like to join in with is Instagram. Do you have to have a phone to access it?

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

An Amble Around Ashbury

On Sunday we took advantage of the good weather and made our way over to Ashbury. The National Trust property was closed to visitors but that didn't stop us from having a lovely walk in the countryside close by.

We decided to take the pushchair with us around the series. Fortunately it coped with the terrain as the ground was flat and not too overgrown but in future we will use our carriers. The layout of the area came about as a railway used to run through it. Sadly the railway is long gone and you will not see a single track on the walk but the layout helped in containing our eldest and enabled her to practice walking. 

We also encountered a single carriage that looked like it had been there a very long time for foliage had laid claim to it. In fact I first thought it was another Andersen shelter until hubby informed me that he’d read what it was.  This carriage actually helps in locating one of the geocaches but sadly we did the series backwards and did not feel like walking all the way back to where we’d come from to locate it.

Further along the series or should I say near the beginning is the house itself. A geocache has been placed nearby so hubby left us in a field while he hopped over a log to go and get it. On the way to the geocache he was nearly taken out by a couple of deer that leapt through the grounds. Hubby was fortunately unscathed just a bit surprised and was thankful it wasn't rutting season. 

Finally we walked through the farmer’s field and it was clear that they’d been busy on the fields. From here we could also see our car which was a welcoming sight.

Where have your adventures taken you recently?

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Living Arrows: Our Little Explorer

“You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth”
by Kahlil Gibran

Joining in with Living Arrows, PointShoot and My Captured Moment