Monday, 16 January 2017

Review: Quack and Field books Trampolining and Swimming

Over Christmas we were sent the first two lovely Quack and Field books Trampolining and Swimming written and created by Rob Foster. Despite the books being aimed primarily at the age of 3 to 7 my eldest daughter was instantly drawn to Jon Wotton’s lovely illustrations. Quack especially caught her eye leading to her announcing that she knew they were a ‘duck’. She listened intently to the stories Quack appeared in and I must admit that I too got carried away by the lovely characters and the amusing things that happened to them.

Quack and Field Books

The characters are introduced through lovely fact file form before launching into how they perform during the events. The stories teach our little ones that it’s not just the winning but the taking part in sports that count. I thought this was a lovely way in which to encourage little ones to take part in sport. Time will tell whether my children will be keen to take up sport when they are older but I'm sure these books act as a basis in which to get them thinking about it.

Page from Quack and Field Swimming

Why not put these books to the test yourself? The books are available for sale from Rob Foster’s website here and as an introductory offer cost £2.50 each or both for £4.00 and £1.50 p&p.(Normal price £6.99)

Do your little ones love sport?

Disclaimer: We were sent the first two lovely Quack and Field books Trampolining and Swimming in return for an honest opinion.

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Friday, 13 January 2017

How Organisation is Helping me with Direction in 2017

This week has been one of organisation. From considering the direction of the blog, to planning out what linky’s I’d like to join in more with and deciding on what outings we are going on with the children this year. You can read my words for the year and goal posts here

Having been unable to source a month to view diary in hardback form from a supermarket I decided to print out one from the internet. Sadly the one I chose seems to have been used in 2016 as well as destined for 2017 as some of the printed pages read last year on them while others read 2017! I'm hoping it won’t be too problematic.

My Stationery

I'm also considering printing out some blogging pages too and inserting them into the folder too. Everything’s Coming Up Rosie produced this post earlier on in the week so I've been looking through it and considering which one I should opt for. What do you think?

Finally, this week has seen our youngest trying to direct everything into her mouth including my hair! She’s also started to roll across the floor so the eldest has been trying to direct the youngest into crawling by showing her how it is done.

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Wednesday, 11 January 2017

What will ignite and excite you in 2017?

For the last couple of years I have decided to choose words to help me navigate my year. In 2015 I chose bliss and last year I opted for radiate. 

This year I really wanted to opt for something with energy. I've considered a word a month, or picking a word every three months. Considered words relevant to nature such as roots and grow and words like ignite and sparkle connoting fire. Below you can see the ones that jumped out the most.

As for the goals I'm aiming for this year then how about the following:


  • I'm considering getting a few books on blogging and have been reading up on recommendations.
  • I feel that my photography could do with improving and I would also like to make home videos of my little ones who are quickly growing up.
  • I’d love to do more of what I'm passionate about on the blog from reading books to arts and crafts, having adventures and review more.
  • Following my post on camping and caravanning here I am inspired to have more adventures outside. Puzzlewood in Gloucestershire looks particularly enticing and has been used in many films/tv series.
  • I’d also like to interact more in the blogging community and am happy to collaborate with others.

Health & Fitness:

  • Christmas has seen me eat one too many chocolates and mince pies. So I need to be more selective as to what I put in my body and as I'm no gym bunny have a look at alternative ways in which to get in exercise. I enjoy dance (particularly Zumba) and perhaps dancing to Youtube videos would help me stay in shape.


  • During the run up to Christmas we've been de-cluttering. We have been doing a spot of upcycling recently creating a place for the girls coats and decorating the bookcase doors. Father Christmas had no way of entering our house this year due to there being no fireplace entrance so we’d like to install one for next year.

By combining my goals and word choice I've come up with two words for this year which were cemented by Michelle Reeves recent class on Monday. Or did they come about because of my husband's love of setting alight the Christmas pudding each year you decide. This year I've decided to go with ignite and excite.


Which word will see you navigate 2017?


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Tuesday, 10 January 2017

First Tastes With Tommee Tippee

As a parent of two I have to have eyes in the back of my head sometimes. This morning my toddler decided that her little sister may like to try out yoghurt! She was just about to offer baby the yoghurt on a TommeeTippee spoon which is the perfect size for small yoghurts and little mouths when I jumped to the rescue of little one.

The Tommee Tippee Range

We love Tommee Tippee products in this house as you may have noticed from when we worked with them during the summer to promote their UltraGames. With the eldest turning two next month our spoons have been used hundreds of times while feeding her and now she’s old enough to feed herself with them.

So we were really pleased to receive a new set of spoons alongside other products by Tommee Tippee. Of course the spoons have been the first to come out of their packaging and both girls are enjoying tasting food via them.

These products are available at all good supermarkets.

Do you use Tommee Tippee products with your little one?

Disclosure: We were kindly sent the Tommee Tippee products in exchange for a review.  All words and pictures included in this post are my own. 

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Monday, 9 January 2017

Review: ‘Baby and Lion Dog: The search for the missing nose’

My eldest daughter loves animals and one of her favourites is my parents’ dog. You can see from the photo below that they like each other but respect each other’s space.

Eldest sat with parents dog on a wooden bench in the garden

So when I was given the chance to review Baby and Lion Dog: The search for the missing nose’ by Elizabeth Forbes I thought she’d love it.

Straight away our imagination is called upon to take flight as the dog and baby can talk to one another. The dog can read too and is very knowledgeable about the world they live in. Both babies and dogs are perceptive to other people and their feelings in real life and this is something that also comes through in the book. In this story it is the clown that needs their help as he has lost his nose. Can the nose be found in time for the clown to do his act?

Inside the book

I loved the rhyming that took place when they first began searching for the nose and the short sentence structure will help confident young readers read the book to their parents or carers. My little ones are a little too young to read it to me presently but the eldest has certainly loved looking at the pictures. 

Eldest sat on sofa looking at the pages of the book

The book Baby and Lion Dog: The search for the missing nose’ is available for sale on Amazon in hardback and is currently retailing at £2.99.

Disclaimer: We were sent this product in return for an honest opinion.

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Friday, 6 January 2017

Listening To My Heart

Many people had two weeks off at Christmas not my hubby he worked nearly every day bar Christmas Day and Boxing Day. Regular readers would also be aware that he even worked Christmas Eve leading to him coming home and crawling in to bed while I took our two under two to Christmas Eve Mass.

A Stone Love Heart

So this week has come as a joy to relax in each other’s company and go out with the girls. On Tuesday I went to toddler group with the eldest and she enjoyed it so much that on Wednesday while out with Daddy she was very disappointed that she wasn't going with him and going to the post office with him instead.

We picked up a couple of pre-loved toys too this week a wooden kitchen and dolls cradle so the eldest has had great fun playing with those.

On Thursday we went to Goring to see the display of flowers left outside George Michael’s home where it is said that he passed away. I was asked to take a photo of someone next to the flowers and she told me she’d visited three times since he passed away. She told me that she was there when a couple from Derbyshire had driven down in the morning to lay down the G and M floral arrangements and while we were talking a robin appeared. I was aware of the significance of white feathers but not robins till now. The book in the church was full of farewells to the singer and they’d written a prayer for him for people to pick up.

Today is the arrival of twelfth night and the Christmas d├ęcor came down this morning. The room seems less cosy and more spacious. Thoughts of going for a walk have been shelved as it’s freezing cold here and raining.

How was your week?

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Wednesday, 4 January 2017


I did have the perfect pledge cookied to perfection in my head. The only problem was I wrote it while I was asleep in the (Mary)land of nod! Of course when I woke and went to write it out much like singing in the shower and then stepping out, it soon crumbed apart in my hand when I came to write it!

So instead I've put together a collection of my words and some of my wonderful readers to bring you reasons why you should vote for me.

If you enjoy reading about my family and are touched by my stories about my family like Mandy n Justin was

·         How sweet was last year's gift for your parents! And your dad's reaction was priceless! :) Such a sweet holiday memory. :)

If you've loved reading about our family geocaching adventures

· read your blog think I must give it a go 

If you've enjoyed reading about the books the girls have on their shelves and reading the odd interview

·         What great advice and a lovely interview! I like how it's inspired by someone she loves, that always makes the difference. I find that when I am working on something I love I always do a much better job! – The Mum Project

If you've been inspired to use the products that I've been sent to review

·         Such a great way to transform a boring jar and as you suggest so many potential ideas for designs and uses. I love the pretty swirls you have here. I'm going to look into these as an idea for crafts on the farm. – Coombe Mill

If I've inspired you by my creative Christmas series; like Katy from Hot Pink Wellingtons was

·         This is such an inspiring series for anyone looking to set up their own craft business.

or indeed my own makes like Jacqui Bester aka One Messy Mama

·         Oh my, I love everything about these sacks. Adore the tie-dye!! The cute little lettering and the reindeer.. It's adorable. 

Then know this I thoroughly love blogging and am deeply touched by each and every one of you and your kind words.

·         Just keep going and know that your writing is always appreciated and loved xx - MG

I love being a part of the fantastic blogging community and aim to keep going in 2017 and beyond.

If my words have had an impact on you over the months then please consider voting for me in the tribal chat awards sponsored by Maryland Cookies here. Thank you.

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