How to Make Your Own Clothes Dividers

Once you have the clothes you want for your little one it’s a good idea to be organised and arrange them on hangers from left to right as if you were reading. These can be divided by age range or month range for a baby.

My DIY clothes dividers

Here's how I created the clothes dividers above.
  1. The first thing I did was buy some hangers from a well known craft store. 
  2. I then took out my stash of scrapbook paper and set to work gluing that down on the front and back of them. 
  3. My sister had given me some wall art stickers as a present and at first I wasn't sure what to do with them as I was going with a neutral theme for the nursery which included teddy bears. So instead of putting them on the wall I used them to decorate the clothes hangers. 
  4. I also added numbered stickers of the month the clothes ranged from on each of the hangers. 
  5. Finally, I attached different coloured ribbon to the top of the dividers before hanging them up in the wardrobe.
Do you divide your children's clothes like this?