Our Experience of Baby Wearing

We often get stopped and told how lovely our daughters look which is really lovely of people. My husband even got stopped once while browsing tables at a carboot sale. It turned out that despite the lady having four daughters not one of them was carried by their daddy. My husband is therefore in her eyes one lucky guy to be carrying our baby.

Baby in Close Caboo Carrier attached to Mummy

Look at any baby wearing social media site and it’s clear both genders enjoy a selfie with their baby. In fact some people argue that baby wearing helps introduce a newborn to the world like a baby kangaroo or koala would do so.

We started with a sling like a scarf. In our experience it wasn't the easiest sling to work with and was time consuming putting it on and taking it off. It would drag on the ground if you weren't careful as you tried to tie it in place but it was lovely and comfortable. With our second child I bought a Close Caboo, which is perfect for walks in the great outdoors and is definitely my favourite option.

When our eldest daughter was the right size to move in to a Manduca which I tried at a sling library first we made the transition. We found it really comfortable and we had no complaints with straps dragging on the floor. All the buckles and fastenings are neatly placed and it was easy for both of us to wear. Even our daughter enjoyed the comfort of this sling as she often fell asleep in it.

Today my husband has ditched the Manduca in favour of another baby carrier the K Way. Our eldest loves this one too and is so content in it that she's fallen asleep in it on more than one occasion.

Eldest in baby carrier on Dad's back

Which baby carriers have you tried that you'd recommend?